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Interesting Conversation...

I play this game similar to Neopets. It keeps me busy at work and has become my little obsession. I was chatting on their public boards when someone posted something. Names are removed to protect the stupid and all grammar/spelling is left intact.

ID10T wrote: if ur computer is eva slow....guess wat u shud do? You shud hug it or reset it.I am a Computer expert....
I respond: If it's slow, run a spyware scanner. Hugging it won't help.

I check the profile of ID10T.... "I am a computer skill person. I help people with computers if they have problems."

Then... I receive a private message from ID10T...

Subject: Spyware
Message: That is a bad virus it gets all of ur passwords and hacks into them....you cannot get spyware out of you computer system.This is a WARNING to tell you spyware is damageing ur computer.Do not reply to this eamil if it's important.

So, I respond...

Subject: RE: Spyware
Message: What are you talking about?

Spyware is not a virus. It is marketing tools designed to spy on surfing habits and pop up advertisements based on keywords and websites you use during surfing. There are very very few spyware programs that transfer personal information, although they are out there.

Spyware is also pretty easy to remove if you know how and have the knowledge to replace the files it modifies.

You posted about computers being slow.. I said the main reason computers are slow is because of spyware, which is true.

Of course, you are all expecting an intelligent answer...

Subject: RE: Spyware
Message: How come i cannot remove mine?it's a virus pplz liten to me.

I can't leave things go...

Subject: RE: Spyware
Message: You need the correct tools, like a spyware scanner to completely remove spyware from your system.

If you have a virus, then it can be cleaned with a virus scanner. Spyware needs to be cleaned with a spyware scanner because they are two different things.

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