Every time a phone rings I die a bit on the inside (idiots) wrote,
Every time a phone rings I die a bit on the inside

Tech Support with Dad

Now Dad is pretty new to computers but he's doing pretty good. He can follow directions. Perhaps it may be easier for me to teach him (versus the people I speak to at work) because I know the right things to say to him to get whatever he wants done.

He wanted to change his resolution tonight. He's been on 800x600 for awhile and he's finding it a pain in the ass to scroll on some websites because 1024x768 is becoming the standard. So, I help him out...

Me - Okay, now right-click on your desktop.
Dad - Desktop? All I see is My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc, etc...
Me - See that picture of the chick in a bikini? Right-click on her ass!

Things went smoothly from then on in. :)
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