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My name...

Most of the time I love my name. I'd say I get 2 or 3 comments on my name at work per shift. It doesn't usually bug me. Generally it's a quick "nice name" and then it's on with the call, never to be brought up again until I'm forced to say it at the end of the call.

Tonight was the exception. It was late and we were getting our regular sporadic calls from a certian southern division. (Note: Jim the simplify guy must die!)

So, I say my normal blah blah that includes my name and the hick-ish guy on the other end says in a thick Southern accent...

... Are you the teeeenage wiiiitch?

Me - No, sorry. *insert courteous laughter* I haven't been a teenager for awhile now. How can I help you?
Hick - Well. I was gonna ask ya to help me with mah problem but can't ya just wave yer wand and fix mah problem?
Me - *insert more courteous laughter* Sorry sir, I don't have any powers. We'll have to do this the old fashioned way.
Hick - Okay there Witchie, Mah Iternet is not workin'

So we ended up having to unplug his modem and restart his computer. He makes a couple comments about me working "mah magic powas" during the recycle. BAM! He was back online. Good short call! *whew* Then he comes out with the big one...

Hick - I knew you had dem powas!

*shoots herself*
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